Why PRF for Hair Loss is Superior to PRP

PRF for hair loss

PRF for hair loss is an all-natural, low risk treatment. If you are struggling with hair loss or thinning, PRF may be able to stop your hair loss and restore hair growth. Here’s what you need to know about PRF for hair loss.


While there are some basic similarities between platelet rich plasma and platelet rich fibrin, there are some crucial differences as well. During both procedures, your blood is drawn and put into a high-speed centrifuge. This causes the heavier cells in the blood to collect in the bottom of the test tube while the platelets and plasma collect in the upper part. The platelets and plasma are then collected and injected into the treatment area.

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How is PRF Different PRF for hair loss Virginia

Research shows that higher concentrations of platelets, stem cells and white blood cells are a more effective treatment for hair loss. That’s where PRF comes in. To create PRF, the blood is spun at a slower speed, so that the levels of blood don’t separate into distinct layers. This allows some of the white blood cells to remain in the platelet layer, giving PRF more healing factors than PRP. Furthermore, the lower speed means the individual cells undergo less trauma.

Higher Concentrations = Better Results

The final difference between the two is that PRF has much higher levels of platelets. While PRP contains between 2-5 times the level of platelets in normal blood, PRF contains around 10 times the platelets.

All Natural

PRF is all natural and doesn’t contain any additives. PRP contains an anticoagulant that is added during processing. On the other hand, PRF uses the natural fibrinogen in your blood. It is converted to fibrin by thrombin in the early stages of clot formation. This creates a spongy fibrin matrix, which activates the platelets. The platelets act as a support structure to keep the growth factors and stem cells in the area where they are injected. This prevents the growth factors from diffusing, which can occur with PRP.

PRF for Hair Loss in Virginia

If you are tired of your thinning hair, you may benefit from PRF for hair loss. To learn more, please contact Vitalia MedSpa today.

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