body contouring in arlington virginia

What treatment is considered by many as, one of, if not the best, nonsurgical body contouring in Arlington, VA? We’ll give you a hint.

This unbelievably popular fat reduction treatment is causing a major stir in the aesthetic world as thousands are transforming their bodies with it.

Still not sure? Well, in our opinion, it’s Vanquish.

What is Vanquish?

Vanquish is an FDA approved non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to heat fat cells until they are destroyed.

Your dead fat cells are then removed through your lymphatic system.

What Makes Vanquish Body Contouring in Arlington So Special?

Vanquish in Arlington, VA, rises far above competing fat reduction treatments due to the hover design of the device.

This makes it uniquely qualified to treat larger areas in just one session with your provider.

Additionally, Vanquish never makes contact directly with your skin and as such it requires zero anesthesia, zero medication, and zero downtime.

How Are the Results?

In order to achieve your desired results, you can expect to undergo three to five treatment sessions with Vanquish.

Most patients notice a change within a few weeks, with full results presenting around a month or more after your final treatment session.

What Are the Side Effects?

Following your Vanquish treatment, you may notice some redness, this is normal and should resolve on its own within an hour or two.

Additionally, some patients experience that some areas feel firm to the touch, this is easily resolved through a light massage following your treatment.

How Can I Enhance My Results?

The best way to complement the results you achieve through Vanquish is to stay dedicated to your regular diet and exercise regimen.

While the fat cells targeted with Vanquish are permanently gone, if you adopt unhealthy lifestyle habits new fat cells may form in their place.

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