laser hair removal northern virginia

There are many misconceptions out there surrounding laser hair removal. Northern Virginia based, Vitalia Med Spa debunks the top three myths about laser hair removal below.

1. It Will Cost You a Fortune

Many men and women want laser hair removal, but are hesitant because they have been led to believe that the price tag is way outside of their budget.

You might be surprised to learn, however, that the average cost that a person spends on a waxing regimen is about $23,000 throughout their lifetime.

This makes laser hair removal a no-brainer as a long term investment.

Spending more money now can end up saving you thousands on waxing treatments throughout your life.

2. LHR Is Not Permanent

There has been a long standing rumor about LHR that it is not a permanent treatment.

However, the reason why you are required to visit your doctor multiple times for laser treatments is because hair grows cyclically.

Each time you visit your doctor, they are targeting different hair follicles to destroy for optimal results.laser hair removal northern virginia

Additionally, hormones can greatly affect your results.

Pregnancy or other hormonal fluxing conditions can sometimes stimulate new hair growth as well.

This is easily addressed through a return maintenance treatment.

3. LHR Hurts Terribly

If you have been hesitant to receive laser hair removal treatments in Northern Virginia because of the pain, think again.

In fact, many patients who have previously been a slave to waxing reflect on laser hair removal as much less painful.

Laser Hair Removal Northern Virginia

If you are interested in laser hair removal treatments for your unwanted facial or body hair, Vitalia Med Spa is here to help.

Our team of aesthetic professionals have years of experience helping men and women achieve the perfect summer body through laser hair removal.

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