Spectra Laser Tattoo Removal Falls Church

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Although a tattoo is a permanent inking, it may not be meant to last a lifetime. If you have a tattoo that you no longer want or conflicts with your professional goals, then laser tattoo removal Falls Church based Vitalia Medspa can offer a safe and effective solution.


Continue reading to learn all about Spectra laser tattoo removal, including how it works, treatment benefits, and expected outcomes.


What Is Laser Tattoo Removal?


Laser tattoo removal is a non-invasive procedure designed to lighten and eliminate unwanted ink pigment and tattoos. It is an excellent option for patients who want to completely remove a design that no longer fits their aesthetic preference or lifestyle.


Alternatively, laser tattoo removal can fade ink in order to cover-up the tattoo with another design.


The Benefits of Spectra Laser Tattoo Removal


Spectra laser tattoo removal at Falls Church based Vitalia MedSpa is a cutting-edge Q-switched system with a proprietary high-power design and four wavelengths.


This technology allows for customized and effective treatment of all skin types and tones. Additionally, Spectra boasts built-in safety and comfort parameters for a quick, easy, and seamless tattoo removal experience.


What Can Patients Expect from a Tattoo Removal Treatment?


During a laser tattoo removal treatment, ink particles absorb light-based energy, which causes them to fragment. These fragments are then cleared from the body through natural detoxification channels.


Immediately after the procedure, ointment and gauze are applied to the treated area to protect against infection. Patients may also notice that skin presents with mild and temporary white discoloration, redness, and swelling. These effects typically resolve on their own and should not interfere with daily activities.


How Quickly Can You See Results?


Patients can usually note Spectra laser tattoo removal results within five weeks.


Treatments should be spaced four-to-eight weeks apart, and the number of recommended sessions varies depending on tattoo size, location, depth, and color. Gradual lighting of the tattoo occurs with each session.


Learn More About Spectra Tattoo Removal in Falls Church


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