Spider Veins

November 5, 2019
by Vitalia MedSpa
  • Spider Vein Treatment

For many people, spider veins are as bothersome as their name suggests. Especially when they present on the face and cause noticeable redness and visible veins.


Fortunately, Spectra and Clarity are two quick, safe, effective, and noninvasive treatments that can improve the appearance of spider veins without downtime or discomfort.


If you’re seeking a more permanent solution to spider veins, continue reading to learn if a Lutronic laser treatment is right for you.


What Are Spider Veins?


Spider veins are dilated blood vessels that occur below the surface of the skin. They often form on the legs and lower extremities, but can also appear on the face – particularly around the nose.


What Causes Spider Veins?


Spider veins are the result of faulty valves that allow blood to pool inside of vessels, causing them to become enlarged and visible. Risk factors for spider veins include the natural aging process, genetics, sun damage, and lifestyle.


Spider Vein Treatments


In most cases, spider veins don’t pose a serious health risk and are strictly a cosmetic issue. However, they can make some people feel extremely self-conscious about the appearance of their skin.


The good news is that Spectra and Clarity are laser-based treatments designed to eliminate a variety of skin concerns, including spider veins.


These two technologies emit light-based energy in order to target hemoglobin and destroy or shrink the affected vessel. Treatment parameters, such as fluence, pulse width, and repetition rate, can be adjusted in order to customize the procedure to each individual. Carefully tailoring the procedure helps to maximize clinical outcomes and limit patient discomfort.


It’s also important to note that Spectra and Clarity effectively ablate spider veins without damaging surrounding tissue.


Learn More About Eliminating Spider Veins


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