lip augmentation near me

As we age, our lips may thin and shrink. Wrinkles in the corners of the mouth begin to develop. Lip augmentation is the technique of using injectables to give you a plumper, fuller lip. 

Read more about lip augmentation near me to learn about how you can get a younger look with a voluminous lip. 

Lip Enhancement

lip augmentation near me

A popular treatment is a lip enhancement using dermal filler. Restylane Kysee is a lip enhancement that provides flexible, natural volume using a syringe injection. 

Dermal fillers address the overall shape of your lips and smile. Lip enhancement injectables can target specific areas of your smile to give you a concentrated lip plump. 

On average, a dermal filler lip augmentation will give you results for about one year. If you’re looking for a longer-lasting voluminous lip, lip enhancement injectables may be the right answer.

Lip Flip

An alternative to using a dermal filler is the lip flip. The lip flip method uses Botox to relax muscles in your upper lip, allowing the upper lip to roll forward. This creates a fuller, defined lip, with smoother lines around the corners. 

The lip flip yields a subtler pout to your lips. Lip flip patients typically report overall satisfaction because their smile shows less gums. 

The results of a lip flip are more temporary than a traditional dermal filler. Because the lip flip is more temporary, it is also generally less expensive but does require more maintenance. A lip flip may be the solution for you if you’re searching for a lip augmentation near me. 

The Best Lip Augmentation Near Me

The results of lip enhancement are typically enhanced volume, smoother upper lip lines, and enhanced lip color. Vitalia Med Spa can help you enhance your natural smile today. 

You can learn more about our lip augmentation and other services we offer at Vitalia Med Spa

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