Is CoolSculpting Worth It? Body Contouring Info

June 23, 2020
by Vitalia MedSpa
  • is coolsculpting worth it

When considering nonsurgical fat removal, you may have asked yourself, “Is CoolSculpting worth it?” In this post, we take a look at popular nonsurgical fat removal treatments, including CoolSculpting and Vanquish ME. 

is coolsculpting worth it

But in order to choose between the two, patients often want to know which works better and routinely ask: CoolSculpting – Is it worth it? Vanquish – Is it worth it?


To find out which treatment may be best-suited to your needs and goals, read on.

Vanquish ME – Is It Worth It?


There are a number of reasons that Vanquish ME is one of the top-rated nonsurgical fat removal procedures.


To start, it is completely contactless and emits radiofrequency energy, while suspended over the targeted area. This significantly improves patient comfort throughout treatment.


Vanquish also boasts the largest spot size in the industry and is big enough to cover the entire abdomen, including front and sides, in one 45-minute treatment.

Is CoolSculpting Worth It?


Patients considering body contouring often want to know: Is CoolSculpting worth it?


While the answer to this question may depend on who you ask, CoolSculpting does have certain limitations you should be aware of.


First of all, its applicators are far smaller than that of Vanquish ME. As such, it requires several sessions to target the entire abdomen and is far less efficient than Vanquish. This means more office visits and time away from work.


In addition, some patients report an uncomfortable pulling and tugging sensation as fat is suctioned into the CoolSculpting treatment applicators. On the other hand, Vanquish is entirely contactless and works without touching the skin.


Finally, CoolSculpting’s pre-sized and curved applicators are designed to treat pinchable fat pockets. Therefore, not everyone is a suitable candidate for treatment.


This in stark contrast to Vanquish, which is equipped to treat bulges of all shapes and sizes.

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