body contouring northern Virginia

Body contouring in Northern Virginia is growing in popularity as more and more treatments are introduced to the market.

As the weather begins to warm up, we are all starting to shed our winter wardrobe for our spring and summer attire which means you may have noticed that some of your clothes are a little more snug than you might like.

A body contouring treatment is a quick and effective way to get you back into your favorite pair of shorts this summer!

So, let’s break down some of the most popular body sculpting treatments, shall we?

Vanquish Body Contouring Treatments

Vanquish uses radio-frequency technology to target fat cells so that they are destroyed.

Many patients enjoy these treatments as they only take around 45 minutes to one hour with little to no discomfort.

Popular treatment areas include the stomach, flanks, mid back, thighs and upper arms.


Velashape uses a combination of infrared light, radio-frequency, massage and suction to banish cellulite.

Moreover, this technology can also be used to reduce the size of the stomach, thighs and even target unwanted fat under the chin.


Exilis uses ultrasound technology combined with radio-frequency technology to sculpt and tighten the skin on your body.

This is an ideal option if you have loose or sagging skin and would like to firm up.

For best results, most doctors recommend four to six treatments depending on your current condition.

Where to Find the Best Body Contouring in Northern Virginia

At Vitalia Med Spa we are proud to offer many of the top body sculpting treatments to treat a range of patients.

To learn more about the many treatments we offer, please feel free to visit our website today for more information.

If you would like to schedule your consultation for body sculpting treatments with Vitalia Med Spa, call us today at 703-356-7546.

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