Can Botox Ruin Your Face?

Flip through any fashion magazine and you may notice that some of your favorite celebrities look like they may have put too must trust in their plastic surgeon.


When it comes to Botox treatments, the fear for many patients is the ‘overdone’ look. So, can Botox ruin your face?


First, we must understand Botox in order to recognize how it works and if it is a good treatment option for you.


What is Botox?

Botox is an injectable muscle relaxer that targets the muscles in the face which causes the visible appearance of wrinkles.


Once the muscle is targeted and relaxed, the wrinkle is released.


Is Botox Permanent?

No, Botox only lasts as long as the muscle is severed, once the muscle grows back the wrinkle will return.


Because of this, most patients will experience their results from Botox for 3 to 4 months before requiring additional maintenance treatments.


Can Botox Ruin Your Face?

If too much Botox is injected into your face it can look overdone and freeze the muscles in your face for unnatural movement.


However, this is easily avoided by finding a skilled injector in your area who delivers low but effective doses of Botox for natural-looking results.


How Can I Get the Best Botox?

The first step towards achieving your ideal results is to schedule a consultation with a skilled injector who has extensive experience performing Botox treatments.


This is a great time to look at before and after pictures of past patients, and to speak with the doctor about your ideal results.


Once your treatment is done, enhance your results by keeping a regular skincare regimen including medical grade skin products, facials, and healthy dietary choices.


Botox Near Me

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