Are Laser Treatments Safe in the Summertime?

Are you thinking about lasering your face but hesitant due to rumors about safety? If this sounds like you, you are not alone. In fact, one of the biggest questions we get this time of year is “are laser treatments safe in the summertime?”

Do Laser Treatments Fit Your Summer Schedule?

For many patients, the summer is an ideal time to undergo laser treatments as they have vacation time available and parents are free from driving their kids around to school activities all day.

Can the Sun Ruin My Laser Treatment?

A big reason why many are hesitant to receive a laser treatment in the summer is due to the sensitive nature of the outer skin layer following a treatment session.

If exposed to light, patients can experience sun damage and even develop brown spots on the skin.

However, this is no reason to avoid this treatment during this time.

Are Laser Treatments Safe in the Summertime?

The truth is that laser treatments can be safe when performed in the summer, as long as you follow rules set in place by your physician.

Protective sunscreen must be worn after your treatment to block out any ultraviolet light.

Moreover, it is important to avoid sunlight when possible, so try to stick to staying indoors and wear a hat when you can.

If this is not possible for you to swing in the summer don’t worry, there’s always time in the fall to reinvigorate your skin through a laser treatment!

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