All About Tattoo Removal McLean

tattoo removal mclean

Whatever your reason, there have been significant advancements made in the world of tattoo removal at McLean based, Vitalia MedSpa. Whether you have outgrown your tattoo or want to make room for another, we offer these services to the Northern Virginia area.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Lasers tattoo removal works through the power of laser technology.

This technology is able to directly target the pigment in your current tattoo in order to break it down.

Once the pigment has been broken down, the ink from you tattoo is eliminated from your body through your natural immune system.

What to Expect from The Lutronic Spectra Laser

The Lutronic Spectra laser has been designed to specifically target and destroy even the toughest shades of tattoo removal mclean

In fact, many deem the Lutronic as the most effective tattoo removal laser currently available on the market.

This laser safely and effectively targets the ink in the dermis and breaks down the pigment within a fraction of a second.

Many patients prefer this machine as it allows for a quicker tattoo removal experience. Oftentimes, there is significantly less pain than other machines or methods.

How Long Does It Take to Completely Remove a Tattoo?

Generally, and depending on the size of your tattoo it takes anywhere from 2 to 6 treatments to completely remove a tattoo.

Tattoo Removal McLean

If you are looking to finally get rid of that tattoo, the professionals at Vitalia Med Spa are here to help.

At Vitalia Med Spa, we proudly carry a Lutronic Spectra laser and we have the experience necessary to effectively remove your unwanted tattoo.

To learn more about tattoo removal at Vitalia Med Spa or to see our complete list of services, visit our website today. If you would like to schedule a consultation for your tattoo removal, call Vitalia Med Spa today at (703)356-7546.