5 Best Summer Treatments

Summer is a favorite season for many people. Sunshine, sandy beaches and your favorite drink in your hand. Sounds great right? If you want to look and feel your absolute best this summer, we have you covered! Here are some of the top 5 summer treatments that we offer.

5 Great Treatments to Try This Summer

Hollywood Facial

This laser peel facial got its nickname from its reputation among the Hollywood elite. This is a gentle laser treatment that targets aging signs and skin damage. It can also be used to reduce the appearance of acne scars and pigmentation. The Hollywood facial will give you smooth, soft, glowing skin. Perfect for summer!


Looking to shed stubborn fat? Vanquish is a non-surgical, painless procedure to eliminate fat in your love handles, stomach, back, thighs and upper arms. This FDA cleared device uses radiofrequency energy to target the thermal effects into the fat layer while protecting skin and muscle tissue. This helps destroy fat without surgery or downtime. This treatment is great for getting rid of fat and feeling great in your favorite bikini. Full results take 4-6 weeks so book your appointment today!


This skin tightening treatment uses both radio frequency and ultrasound to provide precise heating and cooling to tighten the skin and melt away unwanted fat cells. Exilis is great for facial areas and more. Treatment only lasts 20-30 minutes with no side effects, no pain, and no downtime. Many people liken the treatment to a hot stone massage and clients typ8ically see results after the first session.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Do you choose your summer wardrobe based on which clothes will cover up your tattoo? Now is the time to get rid of it. Laser tattoo removal uses different frequencies to break down the ink in tattoos. You can choose to have it eliminated completely or just lightened enough to be covered with a new tattoo. Don’t let your past choices hold you back anymore!

Express Eyelash Extensions

Want to wake up every morning with beautiful, long, full lashes? Eyelash extensions give you all of that without the hassle of mascara or falsies. And the best part? Instead of the two hours normal extensions take, express eyelash extensions in Falls Church, VA, only take 30 minutes!

Schedule a Consult for One of Our Top Summer Treatments

With these easy treatments you can be sure to look your best and feel great all summer long. If you are ready to pamper yourself and get ready for summer, contact us today!